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    1. Bought in 2019 had 6 months stopped working sent us a new one but since then ice maker kept freezing up, wouldnt hold correct temp in refrigerator had repaired last year ice maker works good now but still refrigerator temp not steady and lost food to spoilage. Freezer stopped working twice and agsin lost lot of frozen foods. Currently not working now service man coming in 2 days to look at it. Did buy extended warranty for 5 years at time of purchase but warranty will be up in 6 months.

      1. I purchased a Samsung refrigerator model RF263BEAESR with french doors and a pull out freezer drawer on the bottom. The ice maker quit working and the refrigerator leaks . Even though it was out of purchase date warranty Samsung sent a new ice maker and installed it on April 23, 2023 with a one year extended warranty on the ICE MAKER. But It is still leaking, the water freezes in the bottom of the refrigerator and if we don’t break up and empty the ice it spills into the floor. The dampness is damaging the front of the refrigerator, causing it to look like it is rust. The damp floor is ruining the newly laid floor and could possibly be the cause of mildew spots on the kitchen ceiling. After an extended discussion with the repair dept of Samsung yesterday 10/17/2023 they offered to send another repairman with a charge from $250 for labor and a minimum for parts starting at $130 . They stated it was a leak problem and was not covered by the ice maker warranty, without knowing were the water is coming from. I want to join this law suit

  1. I am having problems with Samsung service to replace the defective parts mentioned in these refrigerator class action suits. They claim they can only fix one issue at a time (ie ice maker or fridge not getting cold enough), and can only create a new service ticket once the first one has been closed. It takes 24 hrs to close a ticket, another 45 minute phone call to explain to service reps who cant understand english, what the problem is, a week to get the service tech out to my house, all while crossing fingers that they have the correct information to fix the problem. A service tech came to my house today, and I only found out when he arrived that he was fixing 1 of my 2 problems. Samsung is not treating this issue as important. Where do I go to add my name onto the class action lawsuit? I’ve been searching up and down the internet, and while there is lots of info on the problem, I cant find where we actually take action against them.

    1. Tammy I just went thru the same thing yesterday. They would only honor the ice maker not the ice on the back of my refrigerator. Now my food is spoiled. This was my third ice maker. Every two years it’s replaced. This is crazy!!! You pay a lot of money for your appliances and you can’t get service. Did u find out were to sign up for the law suit.

    2. How do I get added to the class action lawsuit? I have had many problems with my Samsung refrigerator and now the condensing unit is going out.

  2. Last time I checked on FB there were 193k+
    Samsung users in the group. Now, the group has disappeared. We’ve all been waiting on the results of the class action lawsuit. Has anyone seen the results of that?

  3. Finally after years of replacing parts, defrosting refrigerator, losing money and time on spoiled food I can’t deal with it any longer I went to replace my Samsung refrigerator. They are still selling them, claiming the new models are so much improved. But no help for my $2400 purchase along with an additional warranty, parts and problems 3x per year. It freezes us behind the whole wall, we turned off the icemaker. It freezes the fresh produce, the excessive moisture cause mold. It is a health hazard. It was a problem from the first year and continues. It is clearly defective and the proof is clear from all the internet posts–Samsung has not been held accountable for their defective products. The store went out of business soon after we purchased it. The appliance repair man warned us and provided replacement parts. I tried to sign up for a class action suit. I don’t know what to do except to go to my state Attorney General. I could not access any online support either FB or class action suit.

  4. Our ice maker stopped working at least once a week. Had to remove the ice tray to thaw out the ice build up inside. It would work for a week then it would happen again. Now, it is so iced up I can’t get the ice tray out at all! We had to go purchase an ice machine. There are no repair places in our town that will work on Samsung products so we are stuck.


    I am forwarding this Information in hopes of participating in a Class Action Against SAMSUNG. This refrigerator is a NIGHTMARE.
    MY wife and I feel like we are in the 1950’s having to Remove ICE & WATER Build-Up beneath the Crisper Baskets on a Monthly BASIS. If we don’t the Water overflows and leaks out from the refrigerator and Floods up on our Kitchen Floor. We need to manually remove the Two Baskets and carefully Remove and Chip out the ice Build-up, and then begin to remove the excess water build up.

    This is not what you expect when you PURCHASE a NAME BRAND REFRIGERATOR. We originally purchased it from LOWE’S & have never complained to them, but have paid for Samsung Service in Home at our Expense due to the fact that the Warranty expired. The Problem is Continuous as previously Stated and re occurs on a 4-5 week Cycle.

    Please let me know if it is a possibility of participating in any Class action Suit at this time.

  6. I have a samsung frig. The ice maker does not work. I have contacted Samsung and they say that my frig is not part of class action suit. I have a repair man come out and they say it will cost 600.00. How do I get my frig grandfathered in to the suit.

    1. My Samsung refrigerator french door 3 door type has bit the big one after only three years.i bought my wife all new Samsung appliances when I retired thinking they would last the rest of our lives boy was t that a good up I paid almost 2500 for this thing.I would sure like to get in on y’all’s class action law suit these folks just enjoy telling you oh that’s not covered no that either.ill never buy another Samsung product.

  7. Looking to get in on the suit, this refrigerator/ice maker is horrible! I am also having problem with the dishwasher and stove. I will never purchase SAMSUNG again!

  8. We purchased the 4 drawer refrigerator in 2017 while building our new home. After a couple of months the ice maker stopped making ice, freezing up inside. We called Samsung and they contacted a local repair company to come out and look at it. After we did this 5-6 times having the ice maker replaced at least twice, we were “awarded” a new one exactly like the one we had. Sadly, it also had the same ice maker issue, freezing up. We were told that they would NOT honor any warranty on it any longer. So we got a brand new refrigerator w/o a warranty. So I have to defrost the ice maker (with a blow dryer) every month or so in order for ice to drop in the tray. So yes, I am very much interested in getting on the list for the class action law suit!!

  9. Bought refrigerator in 2019 and we are on our 2nd ice maker which is not working, leaking water, and frozen up.
    Called a repair service who told me about the recall and class action suit. Yes i want to be on that law suit, enough of these companies making billions and not standing behind their products.

  10. Samsung called me the next day and said there was no class action suit against Samsung and that i was lying, and that my refrigerator and ice-maker were out of warrantee and if i wanted it fixed i would have to pay. I again told him all he had to do was ask his supervisors, maybe they didn’t inform him although i didn’t think that would happen. He got very angry with me and told me that was it if i wanted repair to call someone to fix it but it was not going to be fixed by Samsung.

  11. Samsung ice maker class action

    I have a Samsung Model # RF28JBEDBSG with a defective ice maker. The ice maker stopped working and repairman said it was a design defect and it could not be fixed. I have all the receipts including a 5 year extended warranty bought at the same time the refrigerator was purchased. I would like tom join your class action lawsuit to try to hold Samsung responsible for this. Please contact me if you have any questions, or need any more information.

  12. Where do I join this class action suit? I have had continuous problems since September 2021. Icemaker has been completely replaced three times. Door was replaced. Shoot ice shoot was replaced. There’s nothing left to change anymore. Still problems with the icemaker.

  13. I have constantly had issues with the Samsung fridge I purchased in 2018. When I was under warranty they had to replace to ice maker twice. Now my warranty has expired, my fridge is leaking, the icemaker is freezing up again and was told buy the repairman that even if I replace it myself for $600.00, the problems will continue. I left with no choice but to buy a new fridge. Screwed by Best Buy and Samsung.

  14. Joining Class Action Lawsuit for Samsung Icemaker

    How do we join the class action lawsuit regarding the Samsung Icemaker? My husband and I purchased a Samsung refrigerator in November 2020 and 2 months after the manufacturer warranty expired, the icemaker broke and didn’t give us ice. It was repaired but we still want to join the lawsuit. Thank you.

  15. This is so frustrating. I actually have a repair man here fixing my Samsung refrigerator at this very moment. He is the one who told me about the class action law suit. This refrigerator is the worst purchase I’ve ever made. The ice maker, just like everyone else, has never worked properly. Ice always builds up (monthly). The repairman is using a heat gun now to melt the ice. I need to find out about this lawsuit and join so that all the consumers can be somehow compensated. Does anyone have the info?

  16. Purchased our Samsung French door refrigerator in Sept 2017 and have had continual problems with the ice maker freezing up and not making formed ice cubes. We just called for yet another tech to work on a non-functioning, frozen, ice maker. They ask that you move all frig contents, unplug the frig to thaw it out, and then plug it back in . They did come out once and replaced the entire ice maker, still freezing up. Went to our preferred appliance store and was told they gave up selling Samsung due to years of issues and Samsung’s poor record in standing behind their refrigerators. Would like to recover some of the $2,700 price tag along with the extended warranty to help cover the cost of a new, Non Samsung, refrigerator. Amazing you can produce defective products and dodge being held accountable.

  17. WE HAVE YOUR SAMSUNG PRODUCT AND THE ICE MAKER freezes up every other week just found out everyone has the same problem. Bought ours at Home Depot.

  18. PURCHASED A MODEL RFHMEDBSG Samsung refrigerator from Lowe’s. The refrigerator has been a problem with water in the bottom of the refrigerator and the ice forms all over the back of the inside of the unit.The ice maker freeze that you cannot get ice and is frozen shute . I had the unit service, and they replace a few different parts, but the problem is still there.

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