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    1. I have a gray wolf Forest River 29te. I have had it 3 years and its in the shop more than I’ve camped in it. I had to take it to campers RV in Mockville NC. To get my slide out fixed cause camping world said nothing was wrong with it but it was. I’ve had to replace air conditioning. Sink Faucet. Shower Plumbing. Refrigerator. And so much more…

    2. I want to sign up as well. We are being electrically shocked small literally fece when flushing the black tank for hours on end. Breathing black mold from the shower never being sealed the list goes on and on. I even have gotten to the point I but a fucking barrel in my mouth and almost blasted my shit away because we just got completely screwed scammed and neglected from camping world and forest river. WHEN WILL SOMEONE HELP

    1. This is another example of big business not needing to live by the same rules as working class people. We can not trust that we will receive a fare deal when making a large purchase. I payed $25,000 dollars for a 2021 Flagstaff Camper. It was delivered to me damaged by Powder Post Beetles and the current law makers are OK with that. This is way too much for me to lose just because there is no law demanding that I be dealt with honesty. We expect honesty when we make a purchase. If I damaged a product then I would be ordered to pay for the product or at least the damages..

      But if big business gives me a damaged product I must hire an attorney at great cost to me and suffer through a long drawn out law suit. Why is it not considered a theft for selling damaged goods. The contract for every sale should be the same in both directions. Arrest the dealer that is not returning my money nor fixing the problem with the product. I only have a few years left here on earth and I want to enjoy them, not fight a battle with the outcome heavily weighted in favor of big business.

      I want a level playing field, And don’t steal my time also. Just give me a new camper that is in top working condition. NOW. Tom Johnsons; RV and camper sales in North Carolina has my money. We have notified him of the problem weeks ago. He is dragging his feet. He has not reached out to us and offered any remedy. he most likely has an attorney on retainer. I have no attorney to fight for me.

  1. How do l also join this class action ?
    Got problems from purchase date in Dec 2020.
    Heaps of faults and more develop as when l get to use it

  2. I would like info on joining this lawsuit. I have over 18,000 in repairs and got it 8 months ago have been struggling in getting warranty work done since March. I have a strong paper trail and photos and videos.

  3. i have a Forest River that is 3 years old with 12500 miles. i am the second owner, the furniture is peeling like a sunburn. seems this has been going on for 8 – 9 years and they do not want to do anything. offer me covers that i have to pay to get installed and they want to sell them to me at their cost. have seen many many post of this problem. thank you for your time

    1. I have a 2018 crusader 5th wheel. My recliners and couch are both peeling, forest river said they do nothing. Also having problems with slides. It appears this unit is a lemon.

      1. We have a Crusader 2016 and last year our recliners started peeling
        Our sliders sometimes do not retract
        Rubber on sides falls off
        AC replaced 2 years ago
        Water runs down shower wall when no one there
        Our floor around center island is bouncing

    2. We bought a 2021 Ibex trailer, that has been the biggest piece of CRAP!!! Table top fell off first five minutes of first camping trip! Door must be slammed shut! Black water hook up, pours nasty ass water on you every time I opened it, after it was drained ! Problem is crap design! That took (3) trips to dealer ship! Microwave from day one did not work took four months for them to repair! Outlets stopped working, NO power coming into GFCI actually pulled it out of the wall and checked with tester! Called Service department and they told me I needed replacement GFI! Real smart service shop!!! Now slide stopped working! Not done yet, at base of shower next to sink base there was a huge gap to allowing water to destroy whatever at once! Ya about black water clean out I was the one that said put gate valve on it the first time I brought it back for that repair!!!! After (3) try’s they put gate valve on but I pretty sure they don’t know what ABS glue is for, because it turns on pipe when you try to hook up the hose! So please is some one out there that can HELP!!!!

  4. I have a 2021 Cedar Creek Champagne 38eks with multiple major problems. We bought it at the beginning of the year and on our first trip out, the hydraulics were pouring fluid out, 3 out of the 4 slides are completely bent/leaking/ riding on the frames, etc.. We have contacted Forest River and have had 0 assistance and cannot get them to send parts to the dealer. Is there anyone that can help us with this?

  5. 2020 Sierra, 21 days after delivery bellypan fell out with approximately 100 gallons of water, just 4 starters.
    Would Like to be a part of Class action. WE’RE IN TEXAS.

  6. Is this lawsuit open to everyone? Like the other we have had problems with our new unit – the dealer has tried to help but can’t keep up with all of the issues – Please let me know how to join. Thank you !!!!

  7. I have extensive issues with my 2019 Forest Rivers Xlite and I would like to join in on the Class Action Law Suit.

  8. We own a 2016 forest river crusader with a sagging floor and double recliners with peeling covering.

    We are currently having the roof replaced because of tree damage and noticed the roof has sagging areas before the tree branch hit. Our slides have issues and the best part is we have only pulled this RV to get repairs done it has been at Bethpage camp resort since it was new. We cover it in the winter and take excellent care of it. We are both in our 70’s and cannot keep putting out money to repair things we did not damage!

    Can we be helped? We have been so discouraged.

  9. We Just bought a brand new 2022 Coachman Leprechaun from Freedom RV, Tuscon AZ. Problems developed while driving it from the dealership to our home in Colorado. It is in our shop and unsafe to drive. We are in the process of pursuing action to help resolve this matter. We just found out that we cannot get it serviced until late July. Which means, we will be making payments on a camper we cannot even use for the first eight months. We are very frustrated! Would like to know how to join the class action lawsuit.

  10. My wife and I bought a 2021 Columbus palomino on May 4 last year and have not stayed one night in it, started with a GFI plug-in the bathroom light on and the batteries would not charge hooked up to shore power. We’ve had it at 3 different places that have all come to the same conclusion. Forrest River continues to deny any wrongdoing and said that we must have hooked it up to dirty power or a lightning strike hit it. Had an insurance adjuster come out and look it over trying to go that route and they denied the claim due to a manufacturing defect. So needless to say here we are thousands of dollars in the hole already with this POS. We have an attorney currently representing us and are trying to get our unit fixed or replaced or continue with the lawsuit. It’s bad when they say they don’t want a bad name and to resolve the matter out of court, but don’t want to do anything to really help remedy the situation.

  11. I purchased A FOREST RIVER trailer in August 2020. One month after taking possession, I had problems. I took it back to the dealer for a 2 page list of items that were broken, missing or not working. They Had the trailer for 2 months. I picked it up and found that the only thing they fixed was replacing a bathroom door that was damaged. They broke other items trying to “evaluate” items for repair, such as breaking the screen on the wrong skylight, then not fixing the one that was originally damaged. At this point, I have frame problems, water tank issues and leaks, slide problems, counter top problems, electrical, so many more issues that were never repaired and are escalating to even bigger issues now. I took it to another repair company; they have never been able to get the repair parts needed. when they call, they get no help in obtaining the repair parts. I’m at a loss of what to do. I have had the trailer for 2 years and can’t use it due to all the issues if I move it. How do I go about joining the class action suit?

  12. Where can we sign up for this Forest River Class Action Lawsuit in Tucson, Arizona? We bought a 2022 Forest River Cherokee Wolfpack 365/16. It has far to many problems with it. We got stranded, because of non-working electrical issues.

  13. My name is Melanie Henry and Consumer Portfolio Services Financed a 2009 Toyota Camry on 2017 and 2022 was my pay off date , They was aware I had been in and out of the hospital and I made attempts and did what they ask as part of payment arrangements .. they took my money and then reposed car without notifying me .. they Notified me the day it was reposed .. Bad Business, so I paid them triple the amount of the Vehicle and that was very Fraudulent of them took all my money and the car.

  14. Wow. I have a 2021 brand new forest river wildwood heritage Glen elite! So far on a 2 week recent trip out west we had 1. Refrigerator fell out hitting vinyl floor and breaking trim on kitchen slide out. 2. Bolts broken off on slide out on front living room slide outs, yes both sides. Waiting to hear from forest river. sign me up for class action suit.

  15. Getting ready to purchase a Forest River Georgetown Class A. Haven’t seen any bad reviews on it can someone tell me If they are having problems with the Class A models built and sold by this company. They look beautiful but what Im seeing with most of the camper complaints I am having second doubts

  16. I want to join this class action. We have A Forest River Cardinal. It is crap. A/c didn’t work, awning motor, controller, inverter, lock on the door broke, fan blades, slide, trim work fell off. And the list goes on.

  17. 2022 flagstaff shamrock 233s HYBRID
    This camper from the day we looked at it after signing the paperwork has had problem’s. Water going everywhere when they tried to show us the bathroom faucet. Took it out and found 36 problems.
    Have had the entire kitchen replaced because of the water leaks have had all three tents replaced because of the water leaks have replaced the kitchen sink twice and still leaking. Going down the interstate the outdoor shower comes out and drags on the ground. Replace that three times.
    Every time it rains, we get some kind of water coming through in the tents
    They replaced the entire underbelly when they replaced it they cut it wrong so we have holes replace the stairs, because the first set was rusting exterior light constantly stays on, so it drains the batteries within a few hours because there’s a short also second time replaced Every time we’re camping and it rains we wake up in a port of water
    Where they’ve already repaired it at the factory had to Ng turned up too much now the top of the screws and nails poke through

  18. I bought a 2020 Forrest River xlr boost. It is beginning 2023 and living room slide out floor is wet. Great looking trailer but has some kind of leak issue. My insurance is not gonna help cause it is a manufacture flaw in design

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