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      Petsmart – Banfield Animal Hospital BEWARE !!!
      I was forced to go to PetSmart – Banfield in Westwood last week for my 17 year old cat. She had been suffering from Renal failure, unfortunately my regular Vet was unavailable. She was suffering, I knew it was time. I agreed to pay for the examination and euthanasia , but insisted that I take her home and bury her in the back yard next to my other deceased pets. Not only did they insist on Cremation but told me that it was “ILLEGAL” to bury pets on your private land in Massachusetts. THAT IS A FLAT OUT LIE. The state of Massachusetts does not prohibit private animal burial, that is determined by animal control in each individual town. Norwood permits it as I have confirmed today. They refused to treat my pet unless I agreed to have her cremated !!! What was I supposed to do, drive around with a suffering pet in my car looking for another VET? Just trying to inform other pet owners, thanks for your time.

      Just received a call from Dr. Stan of the Westwood, MA location regarding my concern. See above post. She is COMPLETELY DENYING THIS HAPPENED. She said she spoke to several people who were there that day, and I was NOT TOLD is was against the law to bring my pet home after it was euthanized, it was RECOMMENDED. FLAT OUT LIE !!!!! First, there were only 3 people and my cat in the exam room. The Doctor, technician and me. NO one else. They refused treatment unless I agreed to having my pet cremated AND TOLD ME IT WAS ILLEGAL.

      I know the penalty for perjury, I hope she does. I was offered a refund for the cremation, I turned it down, I would have accepted a refund of the entire amount of $ 365.23 and put this mess behind me, again she refused. I also found out that Banfield has 3 class action suits pending, When I informed her of that she construed that as a threat. It is not perjury when you tell the truth and not a threat when a citizen exercises there legal rights.

      This whole matter could have been settled today, you can thank Dr. Stan for it continuing.

  1. Is it too late to join this suit? My 89-year-old mother was duped into very expensive and unnecessary dental surgery for her 11-year old dog and sold a “wellness plan.” The dog nearly died. The contract was printed on a sales receipt about a foot and a half long. She is still being auto-scheduled for additional unnecessary appointments and paying a monthly fee. She can’t get out of the contract for a year. This abhorrent business model should be illegal.

  2. Could you please advise if there is a way for me to join this suit? I just lost my dog and she was diagnosed with widespread cancer by an ER doctor. We never missed our regular check-ups with Banfield and I had taken her there a week ago before she died and they said all test results came back negative that there was nothing wrong with her.

    I’m deeply devastated and angry at how unprofessional and incompetent they are.

    1. Is it too late to join the lawsuit I been with Bandfield pet hospital for fifteen years now that my dog is older he gets ear infections and prescribed medication that expensive and does not help

  3. This plan tacks unnecessary costs on the dental and they renew it without your authorization. I want to be apart of this lawsuit

  4. Is there not a lawsuit for folks who want to join against Banfield too. We have wasted 7 yrs with these people and our poor dog died. They dont care and never told us he had heart failure in all the blood tests we paid for over the yrs. Then when we needed them due to he couldn’t breathe they wouldn’t see him so we had to talk him to a pet hospital and pay alot then put him down. We are heart broken. Banfield is a waste of money.

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