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  1. Planet Fitness violated Privacy Laws

    I sent this to them on 8 Sep 2022
    I bought my little brother a membership at your Claremore OK gym because he is going through a difficult time. His ex has been basically stalking him after she took out a protective order. Your manager at that Gym Makayla Grimsley informed her that he was a member there. And as a result his ex started sitting in the parking lot in cahoots with Makayla Grimsley. She had been doing that for months thereby making it impossible to use this membership. The other day he didn’t see her car there so e pulled into the parking lot, but then he saw her and immediately left. His ex filed a police report and used Makayla Grimsley as a witness that he pulled in and had him arrested. My brother has had his ex, her entire family, and her friends watching his home and following him everywhere he went.

    I am outraged that my brother’s privacy was violated, and your manager conspired to get him arrested like that using that membership which absolutely violated his privacy. I want my money for the membership refunded and the membership canceled as well as Makayla Grimsly fired for violating gym members privacy! I would also like to get the video surveillance footage from the parking lot which proves this was a setup. This is not the behavior I would expect from a professional business.

    They billed me just this week. Obviously they don’t get it.

  2. Does anyone know how I can file suit against Planet Fitness?

    I have tried several times since 2018 to cancel my membership, however, they kept debiting my account for the past four years (even though I jumped through their hoops and sent the letter they requested). I finally decided to cancel the debit card/account so that they couldn’t keep debiting me and just today saw that somehow they had gotten access to my other account (both accounts are with Chase Bank)!! I do not know how they got my new account number because I Never gave it to them, but now they’re debiting an even higher amount!
    One thing I haven’t mentioned is that the membership I had allowed me to cancel at any time without a penalty. I had called to cancel the membership, but was told that I had to come in person to cancel it. I told them that I lived over an hour away from their gym and gave them every bit of information they needed and then the girl on the line said she’d see if she could cancel it that way. I never heard back from them so assumed it had been canceled. Several months later, I saw that they were still debiting my account, so I called again and they said I had to write them a letter, which I did (and luckily made myself a copy of what I sent), and sent it to them. Several months went by and I realized they were still debiting my account so I called again, explained I had sent the letter as requested and told them I wanted ALL the money they’d debited from my account since the first time I’d contacted them. I was pretty frustrated by this point and I was angry about the hassle they were yet again giving me. The girl said she’d look into it but…Again, I forgot about it for a couple YEARS until I saw that they were still debiting my card!!! So I just decided to cancel that account and use the other Chase Bank account, knowing that I had never given Planet Fitness that account information.
    Fast forward to today and I find that somehow Planet Fitness debited my other account on Dec 5, and again on the 31st!! I am stumped as to how they were able to do that! Anyway, I was looking up how to file a civil case against them and came across this article. That said, is there any contact information for how to contact those attorneys who are filing the class action lawsuit? Planet Fitness needs to pay me back what they owe, and have punitive findings as well for being so shady!!!

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