6 thoughts on “Pella ProLine Lawsuit Settlement Announced

  1. I am the original owner of my house built in 2000. The builder installed Pella Proline windows throughout. Over the last few years I’ve replaced several windows with other Pella products (due to rotting frames). I recently realized that there are a few more windows with rotting frames ( despite the fact that at the time of the replacement by Pella, I asked the installer to check the rest of my windows and they failed to advise me of the rot).

    I’ve just learnt that a friend who built about half year after me had the same problem and that Pella replaced the faulty windows charging only for the installation (~2017).

    A Google search apprised me on Class Actions rulings against Pella. I just spoke to a Pella representative who advised me that the settlement has been executed and has been closed, i.e. it would be too late to lodge a claim. She also said that all parties had been contacted my regular mail or email. I have no recollection of hearing from them.

    Is it too late for me or do I have some recourse to recovering part of my past replacement expenses as well as additional ones I am now aware of?

  2. Richard, I am in the exact same situation as you. I never received notice of a class action suit. I now have multiple rotting windows in my home. The Pella rep just left my house telling me the same thing. I am not sure how we can be punished for our windows rotting after the deadline.

  3. Also in the same boat. I have around 20 of these windows in my home that I purchased 3 yrs ago. What actions or follow up do I have ?

  4. My 2004 proline windows and doors now have rotted wood and are leaking water in the home. Why isn’t this extended so I can get these windows and doors replaced?

  5. i called Pella when my windows were 5 years old. these are the best windows Pella makes. they were rotting out. they told me there was nothing they would do. Even though they had a 20 year warrenty. but said they would sell me knew windows. Im handicapped. Worst company ever

  6. same boat. built my house in 2001 with a pella windows an a couple doors. noticing more and more rotting windows and French doors in basement. have about 40 windows in all.

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