1 thought on “MI Windows and Doors Lawsuit

  1. I’m really glad to find the truth about M&I windows. I had a friend buy a new home with this brand and they have had nothing but trouble with the windows. Fortunately the builder backed his work with warranty and covered the expense to replace the windows. Unfortunately he replaced the windows with the same M&I product. I’m looking to build and new house and have been working with two potential contractors. I have visited model homes with the M&I window and door products. At close examination I have found the products very similar in what you find at the local box store. Vinal frame structures provide minimal support. French door applications seem very similar to bottom tier box store steel doors with wood core and wood frame and brick mold. This type of door rots out in a few years where the door sash meets the wood door frame. I’m going to reach out the builders to get their reaction to the class action law-suites I’m finding. I’m also going to reach out to a contractor I use who only uses top end products to get his input. He only uses top quality like Anderson and Provia as he has found other products failing with customers coming back to him to complain. I have replaced all the sliders at our lake house with top end Anderson product. My neighbors now know the difference between crap and quality. I go by fix right – fix once. Thanks so much for what you do and getting this out there. My gut told me M&I seemed inferior and now I know the truth.

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