9 thoughts on “LG Class Action Lawsuit – How to File a LG Compressor Class Action Lawsuit

  1. My husband and I are looking for a 2022 class action lawsuit against LG. We bought a French door refrigerator on January 25, 2021. In August 2022 it was diagnosed by a tech to have a defective compressor, our refrigerator was no longer cooling. Since then LG has been giving us the runaround, they are in no hurry to send the parts needed to fix our refrigerator. Our refrigerator after less than 2 years is dead. We lost some food and after an LG agent called and hung up on my husband after he asked the agent when we should expect our refrigerator parts, we have no faith in LG making our situation right. We will never again buy another LousyGarbage refrigerator or any other of their products. This is not how corporations should treat their customers.

    1. In February or March of 2022, our LG refrigerator’s compressor died, and the repair guy said that it would cost $1200 to fix. We didn’t know about the class action lawsuit until our daughter mentioned the class action lawsuit for the compressors during the Thanksgiving holiday. We checked our model number today, and of course our model number qualifies.

      Unfortunately, my husband purchased a new and different refrigerator (Whirlpool) last spring that I hate. The new refrigerator will probably last 20 years, but it has a poor interior design. I, too, would like to know how to get compensated for the new refrigerator we purchased or money for the lose of food when the LG stopped cooling last spring. I called LG today, and they referred me to the Rebate Department, but they are closed on Sundays. I will call them tomorrow to try and get money sent us.

      Honestly, I think LG should reimburse us for the new refrigerator or send us money for the lose of food.

    2. Same with us. Our refrigerator failed this week (5 years four months old). I found the class action lawsuit on my own, but unfortunately, it has closed. LG has yet to own up to this known defect with me. They offered 15% off a new fridge. This problem is so huge that I don’t understand why there isn’t a government recall.

  2. My LG French – door bottem freezer stopped cooling over the Christmas week with food for 5 grandkids between 1.8 years and 10 years with 5 adults in the home. Told would would be end of First week or second week of new year and $165 to look at it and if compressor Repair would not happen until JUNE!

  3. LG=POS
    No service
    No Support
    Authorized service centers will not install compressor even under warranty !
    Closest authorized dealer 35 miles wont repair it because did not purchase from them.
    Thought this were to get easier at my age.

  4. LG French Door Refrigerator purchased and delivered 7/2021. Compressor failure 10/2023.
    LG will not help.
    They have been stalling for weeks. They sent a technician that is not certified and will not work on isobutane compressors refrigerators.
    Scheduling has not found a 600a technician and will not refund money so we can get a working refrigerator.

  5. First the compressor failed. Lost OVER $800 in food. Fridge and freezer was packed. Recovered $300 from Homeowners insurance. Had extended warranty from Square Trade, an Allstate Co.. Filed a claim. Still waiting 2 years.
    Now there is an issue with freezing inside the fridge.. Squirrel cage fan is rubbing against accumulated ice. LG wants me to manually defrost my frost-free fridge. I was told to unplug the fridge for 24 hours and not to open it!!!
    I have a motor neuron disease. I cannot move my 3 door fridge to unplug it.
    I’m 87 yrs old. This is the worst experience i’ve had with an appliance in my entire life.

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