3 thoughts on “How to File a MaxLend Lawsuit

  1. I took out a $1250 loan from Maxlend. Looked for an email about the loan or papers in the mail, nothing. I thought the payment was $297.25 monthly, instead, every payday biweekly, they have automatically withdrawn $297.25 every payday of mine even if I was paid 3 times that month. Is this right? I know it’s high interest, but almost $600 monthly??

  2. I took a $400 loan from maxlend and read the fine print and to the best of my knowledge I was under the impression that I’d end up paying probably double that amount back in the end. the first payment, 169$ then the next payment that’s due is 249$ okay so I figure I’m almost paid up to the principle loan amount, or somewhat close to it, how much more do I owe? woah, I look and see I still have 8 payments of $249 in the end I’ll have paid over $1600 for a $400 loan so I send them a email not to bill me anymore, delete my card information , months go by, now they send me 20 text messages saying I qualify for a discounted settlement for $59.79 ok that seems too good to be true, must be a scam. I call them, they say it’s real.. now 2 more months pass, they send 6 texts saying I qualify for a discounted settlement for $38.29 they call me 10 times a day so finally I answer and ask them how is this possible that you are able to lower the amount so easily and considering I still owe hundreds of dollars how do I know if I pay the 38$ it will settle the debt in full and they will stop calling me. for all I know it’s a ploy just to get a payment and they will still continue trying to collect. the entire thing screams fruad

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