3 thoughts on “Bridge Property Management Lawsuit: All You Need to Know

  1. I have lived here for a year and a half years. When I filled out the application and gave them my deposit, they put down $0.00 deposit. They went behind my back and even charged me a vacate fee of $100.00 dollars. I Spoke with a manager and she said she would look into it. Nothing was done, they even changed my rent amount. This was the Month of September 2022 , they claimed they paid my Electric bill, for PSE. I checked with PSE , Gramercy never paid. I saw a lot of repairs needed to be done on this unit, the kitchen walls had chipped paper, inside the kitchen cabinets rotted wood. The inside needed to be repainted, cabinets shelves were in bad shape. I was scared to put my dishes in there. Then the rent amount changed again, it went up then we had a leak in the bathroom from June 26 to August, and September. The maintenance man finally fixed the hole, but they had to get a professional Plummer to fix the leak. The people upstairs got so fed up with them coming in there unit they moved out. Then in the Month of September we received a letter saying we owed over seven thousand dollars. I went to the office and spoke with the leasing manager, she gave me a payment plan for us to catch up on back rent. I signed it and and made payments, she said that was the wrong amount. She wanted $2.218.00 Monthly, it stated in the lease $ 1 .698.00 from Housing. She said I was wrong and started hitting me with late fees. I went and got a Lawyer from the Legal shield he this is very unprofessional. The fees are not adding up right and then wrote to Bridge Property Management. They were charging me Rental insurance fees, $11.90 plus Liability Risk fees. My Lawyer had quit, he said this was to much for him. I had the legal shield and then I got another Lawyer from the same Company. Gramercy got a letter from my Lawyer, they were not happy with me at all. I asked her why are you charging me these crazy fees. I then asked her we still need our kitchen cabinets painted and the bathroom cabinets fixed there are nails sticking out around where the toilet paper roll on the inside. The bath tub is peeling and mold is growing around it. The bedroom windows have mold also. I went and bought some mold remover and sealer to make the bathroom look better. The bath tile was peeling also, the bottom of the tub wall was bulging out. The bathroom door was rotted at the bottom. The wood around the master bedroom lock was chipped away. The door was to small for the door frame, there was a gap between it. The closest doors were very hard to open. The other closet door was not closing right. There were damages done to the walls in the unit here. The porch screen door was missing. The stove eye trays didn’t fit right. They refused to fixed it, I noticed that they rejected my rent in February 3. 2022, I gave them $2.000 dollars in money orders. One was rejected, I looked online and saw this on Domuso. In the Month of May 3 2022, I tried to pay my rent and utilities, I went to speak to the manager she said the system was down. I asked her how much is my Utility expenses, she said $120.00 . I paid it then they gave me late fee. I spoke with another person living here, she said the same thing. They said my utility bill was $206.95. They had the system blocked where you could see anything. Now they are trying to evict us again for second time. The Manager claims Housing didn’t pay rent for August September and October, I asked her to put it in writing. She wouldn’t do it, I had paid my rent for October 4, 2023 they rejected it. She then said I needed to give her my rent receipts and she would apply it to my rent. She never did we received a notice to vacate or pay Monthly rent due September and October $4.447.09 past due. Utilities October 2023 $2,178.32. Other recurring periodic charges in the lease $126.75. Total amount $6.752.16 . 30 Day Notice To Pay Rent OR Vacate The Premises. I am seeking help . I have called the office but no answer at all from them . I called Bridge Property Manager and a no one has called back. I finally spoke to a lady on the phone about my letter . She said they are not accepting calls but they will call me later. They also put another letter on my door to buy our keys for a thousand, and move out in 30 days. I said no. These Managers are not very professional in there work.

    1. Good evening,Where is your apartment located? Do you live in Silver Spring,Md.? I’m just asking because I live at a Bridge Property Management apartment complex. I have been having issues with getting the management to do something about one of the residents that threatened me outside in the parking lot a few years ago. I look forward to hearing from you.

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