7 thoughts on “Aspen Dental Class Action Lawsuit Forming

  1. Aspen took 5 month to replace a broken crown. It fell out 4 times. They tricked me into a care credit account, and still have not finished the work. Aspen allowed dental
    Techs to mount the crown. A violation and basically told me don’t call us we will call you. Mental anguish.


    Hello, I would like to be a part of the Class Action Law Suit against Aspen Dental, Maine. Please provide me with information on how I would begin. I was seeking information about Smalls Claims Court but this may be better.
    Thank you,
    Signed a misrepresented senior citizen.

  3. If you were reading this today is September 20, 2023 I am gathering signatures and complaint to start a class action suit. I am going to prepare all of the signatures and statements, and then get representation as I will do a lot of the beginning works. Displays asset is a shame, and they definitely need to stop treating people this way, and they should definitely compensate for the horrendous pain, suffering, traum, billing, insurance fraud, deceptiveness and health issues including mental health that they have caused and continue to.

    Let’s make this happen. Send

    1.) email your name and your phone number and home address

    2) Estimated date of services or projected services

    3) a brief complaint and what would satisfy your dental nightmare

    4) Finically Service concern regarding Aspen fraud statement

    5) any photos or other important documentation


    Jessica Benton
    [email protected]

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